Let's Get Ready for the launch of the World's First Mobile Launch of Hybrid Rocket under the Mission RHUMI-2024 on 24th August 2024, Saturday , on 7:00 am from the Thiruvidanthai coastal village of Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu,India.
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Company, supported by a team of professionals in Satellite Technology, Rocket Technology, Drone Technology, and other fields.

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Space Zone India

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Space Industry

Space Zone India is a space company located in Chennai with the goal of providing low-cost, long-term solutions in the space industry. Space Zone India (SZI) provides hands on training experience on Aerodynamic principles, Satellite Technology, Drone Technology and Rocket Technology. 

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We Give The Best Place For Innovative Research on Various Leading-edge Technologies

Space Zone India is dedicated to improve the lives of future generations by educational and research-based programmes to enlighten the deserving students across the globe. Our company plays a vital role in enriching the academic standards and paves way for the students in achieving their futuristic goals.

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Technology Based Educational Research & Development

Satellite Technology

Space Zone India flagship products is its RHUMI series of small satellites, which are designed for Earth observation and remote sensing applications.

Hybrid Rocket Technology

The Company creates its own hybrid rockets and small satellite launchers, as well as providing world-wide students with hands-on learning opportunities.


Drone Technology

The company manufactures a variety of educational drones, such as drones for agriculture, satellite transportation and gesture control.

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Our Achievements

Our Innovative Technologies And Achievements

1. Launching of India’s First Hybrid Rocket with 150 PICO Satellites.

2. Launching of 100 FEMTO Satellite with 2 High Altitude Scientific Balloons.

3. Launching of CAN Satellites in Drone.

4. Trained Students to win International Competitions.



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Providing practical sessions as part of education can be an effective way to enhance students’ understanding of theoretical concepts and help them apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios. Practical sessions can also help students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, as they learn how to approach and resolve practical challenges.


Dr. Anand Megalingam

Founder & CEO

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Science has certainly played a significant role in changing the world, from discovering life-saving technologies to exploring the depths of our universe.

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Hands on experience on the satellite right from scratch to complete model

Space Zone India is a space company located in Chennai with the goal of providing low-cost, long-term solutions in the space industry.

Students can have first-hand experience building a satellite and rocket from scratch in India.

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#318/31(A), Chokkammal Nagar,Veeranam Road,Kelambakkam,Chennai, TamilNadu – 603103.

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+(91)-9944210789 / 9042242373

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Our Successful mission was monitored by Guinness World Record, World Book of Record, India Book of Record and Asia Book of Record.

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Satellite Innovation Themes

The Space Zone India performs innovative research on various leading-edge technologies of Satellite, Robotics, Glider, UAV and FCS. The key areas of interest are Brain Controlled Unmanned Vehicles, Balloon satellite, Underwater Autonomous Vehicle, Multitasking Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Flight Controller Development, Environmental monitoring, Structural health monitoring, Agricultural Crop monitoring, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Flight simulator modeling, and digital image processing.

Rocket Technology - Future Work

The Space Zone India Sounding Rocketry Team (SRT) is a private limited company dedicated to developing its members’ technical and professional skills through the design, analysis, manufacturing and testing of hybrid rocketry systems. Space Zone India is structured in a manner that emulates an industry environment helping members gain applicable experience through participation not only in technical reports and design reviews, but also hands-on engineering skills.Space Zone India focuses on giving back to the community by serving as technical mentors to younger rocketry programs both at the collegiate and high school level. Space Zone India promotes engineering and STEM through participation in numerous events throughout the upcoming year.

Mine Detection Robot - Future Work

Many precious lives are lost in war field due to bombs and landmines thus we develop a robot that can autonomously detect landmines and bombs and diffuse them and attack enemies, drop medicines and for search and rescue operation. These robots are controlled either by remote control or semi-autonomous or fully autonomous by computer. Some such systems are currently in use, and many are under development. Defense, Security and Surveillance Robots are much more robust than their hobby grade or educational counterparts.