Let's Get Ready for the launch of the World's First Mobile Launch of Hybrid Rocket under the Mission RHUMI-2024 on 24th August 2024, Saturday , on 7:00 am from the Thiruvidanthai coastal village of Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu,India.

Our Innovation

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Innovative Training for Students

We are practicing Experiential Learning, that is “Beyond Textbooks: Learning by Doing”. While a solid academic foundation is essential, we recognize that true understanding comes from experiential learning. Our Curriculum offers Skyward Aerospace Education offers students the opportunity to go beyond textbooks and classrooms, allowing them to engage with aerospace concepts firsthand.

Hands-On Experiences that Spark ImaginationOur experiential learning programs are designed to spark imagination and curiosity. Students participate in a range of activities, from building and launching rockets to piloting flight simulators. These hands-on experiences not only make learning fun but also deepen their understanding of aerospace principles.


CAN Satellite Launcher

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-20 at 12.25.55 PM (2)

Sub-Orbital Rocket

India's First Hybrid Rocket (4)

Indigenous Satellite


Drone Technology

WG 7 (1)

Aerodynamics of Glider

WR 5

Aerodynamics of Hydro Blast


Miniature Rocket


Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Motorized Vehicle

India's First Hybrid Rocket (5)

Ornithopter (Flying Bird)


Training given to students for Participating in International Competitions


Multi Featured Defence Robot

India's First Hybrid Rocket (6)

Gesture Controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle